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Uptown in Kingston

  Here's a selection of a few articles I've written over the last couple of years.  

I've been doing quite a bit of writing for the last many years, though most of my work has appeared in books or magazines written for professional audiences. 

Several years ago I began writing for the Huffington Post, and since then I've turned my attention to writing for "civilians", meaning non-therapists. I say this, although I hope my work continues to be read and enjoyed by my professional colleagues in the therapy and medical and alternative medicine fields.

A couple of years ago I began a blog with my longtime colleague and buddy, child psychiatrist/family therapist David Keith. It's called Most Human and can be found at

We think of it as an "Alterntive Psychatry" blog, where we include cases from our office and other commentary from our many years of practicing the fine art of family therapy. Our approach is based on thinking  about human problems from an interpersonal/interactional perspective. We believe our work  provides a healthy contrast to the  current biologic/medicalized way of looking at human problems, or what we call "problems of living." 

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful in your own personal journeys. We encourage comments and questions on the blog. We hope to stimulate a dialogue on the many challenges that come along with living life as a human being. 

Here are the links:

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