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We are excited to announce the upcoming publication of our book, Diagnosis Human: How Unlocking Hidden Relationship Patterns Can Transform and Heal Our Partners, Our Children, Ourselves. Written with child psychiatrist/family therapist David Keith, the authors tell stories of couples and families from their offices which they believe will both enlighten and entertain readers. The theme of this book is that many problems, or symptoms, which are treated as individual issues are in fact embedded in interpersonal dynamics. Once the couple or family comes into treatment, symptoms typically subside and healing begins. Available for pre-order on

Some of the stories in the book can be found in abbreviated form on Amy and Dave's blog, They have been writing this popular blog for several years and readers seem to appreciate this unconventional approach to psychotherapy, where human distress is uncovered and treated in the context of a couple or family. This way of working has unfortunately been eclipsed by the focus on brain chemistry, which reduces the focus of human suffering to a person's "wiring". For us, mood, symptoms, are embedded in the very subtle but powerful relationship dance of families and couples.

An additional offering of Amy's writing can be found on She has contributed numerous articles for their lifestyle blog which have been well-received by readers. 

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